Mymerica by Allia Matta

Posted: August 21, 2006 by trggradio in Uncategorized


Sunshine in red, black, black, black
Revolution in red, black, & green

If I hear one more poem about the revolution
I’m gonna make sure them darkies can’t read and write
no more

Send them back to multicolored loin cloths
outlined in feathers

Back to their $7.00 slave wardrobe of
2 roughass linen shirts
a pair of summer linen pants
a pair of roughass winter pants
a pair of stockings
a pair of shoes &
one jacket.
They can take their barely shoed
kracked black feet and work the fields.

They going back to nappy heads and head rags
ashy kracked skin working them goddamn fields
like darkies’ supposed to.

I’m a move my dick in some
tight-ass darkie pussy
while she cry, cry, cry
as I thump, thump, thump
a baby in her ass and she gonna suckle
that mother too.

If I hear one more rapper talk about
getting paid and slaying cops,
I’m gonna retire my hood from the closet
and string up a darkie rapper till his lips can’t move.

Problem is
too many darkies ain’t swinging
from strong-ass country oaks
and them sandniggers
done rode into Mymerica too.

Mymerica was NOT made for all these peoples peeping
into my shit trying to make it theirs
Mymerica is for pure breed white skin like snow.

My country tis of thee
didn’t include darkies and the like
and we didn’t thump, thump, thump enough
for all of these tan and brown skins to be here.

And I don’t care how many flags you post
And you can also sing God bless America
Till your ass is red, white, & blue
This here America is Mymerica!
And that’s the way it’s gonna stay too!

Sushine in red, black, black, black,
Revolution in red, black & green

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