The (Legendary) Roots Crew Role in the Movie ‘Bamboozled’ Comes to Life!

Posted: December 13, 2008 by trggradio in Uncategorized

The Roots named house band for NBC’s Fallon talker

[Ed. note: I’m a little late on admitting this one, y’all. Mostly because I didn’t want to believe my ears until I heard it for the fifth time and had to give in. But it has been confirmed that The Legendary Roots Crew are going to be the damn houseband for Jimmy Fallon’s new show. This is absurd and ridiculous. Somebody please slap me out of this nightmare! Just when you thought that Hip-Hop would find its roots (no pun intended), these mofos sign on to this gig. It can’t be the money; it can’t be the fame. I have a knot in my stomach as I write this. I mean, yeah, we gave the group hell for backing up Jay-Z a few years back. But then the Jigga Man started showing that he could still rock the mic with the best of ’em and the Roots dropped Game Theory and Rising Down and all was forgiven. But this?! Like I told a friend yesterday, the moment this show airs, the Roots and Hip-Hop are severed. Everything up to this show that they’ve done is Hip-Hop; everything after ain’t about HIP-HOP culture. It’s just about POP culture.–CT]

NEW YORK (Billboard) – Cult hip-hop band the Roots will serve as the house band on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,” which premieres March 2 on NBC. Fallon, who is filling the slot to be vacated by Conan O’Brien, made the announcement Monday on the show’s newly launched Web site.

Fallon is taking over “Late Night” for Conan O’Brien, who is in turn taking over “The Tonight Show” from Jay Leno.

The Roots will get in a handful of live dates before taping begins on the show, including December 30 in Atlantic City, N.J., and a four-date run in Japan in mid-January.

Source: Reuters/Billboard

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