TRGGR Radio & Zapatismo 10.15.2010

Posted: October 16, 2010 by trggradio in Uncategorized

Peace, on this episode we discuss Zapatismo and indigenous peoples’ rights with a distinguished panel of educators and activists from Mexico and Columbia. Cecilia Zeledon, Fabio Lozano, and Judith Flores Carmona are all currently teaching at Hampshire College in the School of Critical Social Inquiry. Each of their research interests deal in various ways with history and memory. Judith was kind enough to serve as translator for the session, which was one of our best yet.

  1. Judith Flores Carmona says:

    Gracias fue un honor. Thank you, it was an honor.

  2. Just heard this episode. Terrific work! I just learned about the program from Sujani Reddy. I have a radio show, “Indigenous Politics: From Native New England and Beyond.” The audiio archive is at the website address listed above. Also, for indigenous Hawaiian hip hop with political consciousness regarding land rights and sovereignty, check out a band called Sudden Rush.

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