TRGGR Radio : 9/30/2011

Posted: October 2, 2011 by trggradio in Activism, Bklyn Boihood, Children's Books, Community Organizing, Ryann Holmes, Ty Jackson, Uni.Mical

Peace, on this episode, TRGGR intern Unique Robinson joined Chris in studio to interview Ryann Holmes, co-founder of the Brooklyn Boihood project. Check out Ryann’s thoughtful discussion of her work and the queer community she represents in Brooklyn. In part two of the show, we speak with Ty Allan Jackson, creator of two children’s books centered on the positive perception and financial literacy of children of color. Let us know what you think of it all! And remember to organize as if your life depended on it.

Part 1: featuring Ryann Holmes, co-founder of Bklyn Boihood

Download mp3

Part 2: featuring children’s book creator, Ty Allan Jackson

Download mp3

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