TRGGR feat. Girls Got Kicks – 10.21.2011

Posted: October 30, 2011 by trggradio in Girls Got Kicks, Occupy Movement, Piri Thomas

Peace, on this episode we paid tribute to the life and work of writer Piri Thomas (September 30, 1928 – October 17, 2011); and later in the show we spoke with Lori Lobenstine, founder of Girls Got Kicks/Female Sneaker Fiend about the release of her new book on female sneaker culture and the bonds of friendship and sisterhood.

Part 1:

Download mp3

Part 2: featuring Lori Lobenstine

Download mp3

  1. boi-dan says:

    Shouts out to to the Afro Bourican Piri. Informative show.

    //You should maybe use mediafire or a similar mp3 uploader as zshare links expire within a few days. Mediafire is forever for the most part.

  2. boi-dan says:


    What is the name of song and artist of the first song? The chorus goes “What I’m Sayin……”

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