TRGGR Radio 6.1.2012 – Harmonie’s First Solo Show!

Posted: June 9, 2012 by trggradio in Activism, Beats Beats More Beats, Commentary, Harm-boogie, Hip-Hop
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After months of working in the studio along side Chris and Rec the newest member of the TRGGRadio family Harmonie, has officially produced and hosted her first solo episode of TRGGRadio this past Friday. Harmonie first came to TRGGR during her fall 2011 semester at UMass Amherst. She quickly transitioned from an interested onlooker to a an active participant of the show. Harmonie began to intern with TRGGRadio during her Spring 2012 semester, contributing to each weekly broadcast. During this episode Harmonie spoke of what she referred to as “TRGGR musical chairs” as throughout the summer Chris, Rec, and herself will be rotating hosts on the show. Harmonie hopes to bring a new sound to TRGGR with an array of local and underground hip-hop and R&B artists streaming through her play-lists, as well as a unique lineup of guests ranging from musical talent, activists, and young entrepreneurs making commendable moves in today’s society. During the middle part of the show Harmonie shared a conversation she had with Brother Chris about her mixed racial background and how she identified herself racially. Through the conversation Harmonie became much more aware of the struggles she faces as well as the priviliges she has due to her mixed racial background. Harmonie prompted listeners who either come from mixed racial backgrounds or simply have insight on the topic to share their stories and or views with her through email at Harmonie hopes to use this information to develop a future segment on individuals of mixed race for the show. The show concluded with a musical sample from the Futuristik Boys, a hip-hop group out of Lawrence, Massachusetts Harmonie is currently doing a documentary on. Continue to listen while Harmonie progresses with TRGGRadio over the summer. To find out more about Harmonie and the projects she is working on, follow her on Twitter @harmoniechar.

Part 1:

Part 2:

  1. eva moon says:

    sounded great, ms. harmonie!
    i’m a mixed chick who sings, check me out at
    you can reach me on facebook…
    perhaps you’d like some new music to play during your next show?

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