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TRGGR w Jose Gonzalez - Feb 2013
The banning of the MAS program in TUSD is arguably the latest phase of war on Mexican and Chicano heritage and humanity in Arizona and beyond; an effort to maintain white settler colonialism and domination. No doubt, the assault on Mexican American Studies in Tucson is one of the latest markers in the long history of what scholar Reiland Rabaka calls “Epistemic Apartheid,” which is currently marked by an institutional disregard for students’ abilities to think for themselves, and to think critically about the history of this country, the world, and their place in it. Joining TRGGR Radio hosts Chris Tinson and Carlos Rec McBride for insights into the current situation in Tucson and its meaning for the world is one of the teachers featured in the documentary Precious Knowledge, maestro Jose Gonzalez. 

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TRGGR Radio with host Carlos “REC” McBride featuring Minister Nyle Fort and spoken word artist, Felix Libertad Vasquez. Enjoy!

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