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Timely and provocative, this globe-trotting book takes you down an almost forgotten road of Black freedom: the one that connects the struggles of the burning ghettos of America to the rage against imperial power in Muslim lands. Shining light on the artists and activists who helped pave that road, Black Star, Crescent Moon vividly shows that Black freedom struggles, whether through art or politics, are always global in scope. Written with an urgency that our times demand, my man Sohail does what we in hip-hop have been doing for decades: uncovering histories, drawing connections, and trying to make people move. Rebel reading for right now!

—Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def)

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Maroon BannerPanel on the life work of political prisoner Russell Maroon Shoatz, founder of the Philadelphia based Black Unity Council, and member of Black Panther Party and the Black Liberation Army. A collection of Maroon’s writings have recently been published as MAROON THE IMPLACABLE, edited by Fred Ho and Quincy Saul is now out on PM Press (2013). Panelists include Maroon’s daughter, Theresa Shoatz, Quincy Saul, and Hampshire Africana Studies professor Chris Tinson. The panel is moderated by Hampshire professor Margaret Cerullo, and features the poetry of students and Decolonize Media Collective members, Urantia Ramirez and Eric Acevedo.
Full Panel:

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Audio recorded at Hampshire College, Amherst MA.

rick_ross_bet_hip-hop_awards_-_h_2012This week Chris and Rec collaborated with TRGGR family Rosa Clemente and Abby Hernándes to critique Rick Ross’s recent lyric that promotes sexual assault. Recognizing this lyric as only one manifestation of a larger culture that is complicit in rape culture, we unpack what Rosa Clemente terms the ‘Rap Industrial Complex’ and call for outspoken accountability from both men and women through media channels and within our communities. While critical media outlets such as TRGGR speak out against pervasive patriarchy, we discuss how to move forward in confronting rape culture before, during and after these individual incidents surface in major media channels.
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