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On this packed episode we are joined by Dr. Nat Turner, assistant professor of education at UMass, Amherst and Tyson Rose, who along with Turner, is currently offering the undergraduate course Hip-Hop Nation Language and Literacy Practices. We talk about the approaches taken in the class and some of the strategies and challenges of Hip-Hop in the Academy. In the second half of the show we speak with Jaymes Winell, a local student organizer with the group Preserving Our Civil Rights, a group organizing against Secure Communities (S-Comm), a collaboration between Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) and local police departments. Later, we hear from Dr. George Gathigi, visiting assistant professor of Interdisciplinary Arts at Hampshire College. Professor Gathigi‚Äôs work explores the history and evolution of Hip-Hop and Popular Culture in East Africa, specifically focusing on Kenya and Tanzania. Finally, we send a special note of congratulations to one of our interns, Sam De Pilar, who recently won a design award for his Sneakers4Success project from the School of Management. Steady move makin’. Enjoy!!

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Peace, on this episode Chris and REC were joined on the phone by author Sujatha Fernandes to talk about her work exploring the global dimensions of Hip-Hop from Paris to Caracas to Australia. As she writes in her latest book, Close to the Edge (Verso 2011) “The story of the global spread of hip hop is itself one of movement. A movement of ideas, a movement of commodities, a movement of people. If there is anything that marks this moment, it is as much the motion and mobility that bring us together as it is the boundaries and borders that divide us. Hip hop is a force defined by rupture and flow, and it remains to be seen whether global hip hoppers can reinvent themselves in the diaspora and build enduring links with their homelands” (189). We also briefly provide an update on the Occupy Wall Street mobilization, as well as hear commentary from Mumia Abu Jamal. Enjoy & Circulate!

Part 1: featuring Sujatha Fernandes

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