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On this episode we speak with Jamilah Ali, a medical care provider for HIV/AIDS patients about the HIV/AIDS crisis and African Americans.  Jamilah is a case worker at the Baystate-Mason Square Neighborhood Health Center for HIV/AIDS Care based in Springfield, Massachusetts.  According to a recent study, “HIV prevalence among African Americans exceeds that of whites, typically substantially, even in comparisons stratified by education, poverty index, marital status, age at first sexual intercourse, lifetime number of sex partners, history of male homosexual activity, illicit drug use, [and] injection drug use…” (Source: Adimora, Schoenbach, and Floris-Moore, “Ending the Epidemic of Heterosexual HIV Transmission Among African Americans,” American Journal of Preventive Medicine 2009).  This interview is part of a series of conversations about health care that we’ll have throughout the year.  Join us!

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