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During this episode of TRGGR Rec and Harmonie spoke with Anonymous 127 a music producer out of Springfield, MA. In honor of fathers day he used his talents to pay homage to the many loving and dedicated fathers through music. Anonymous 127 kept his his true identity hidden from the listeners to emphasis his work with the music and to promote the positive aspects of fatherhood. Having no children of his own, Anonymous 127 credits the inspiration behind the lyrics in his song to the strong influential male figures in his life, as well as his mother.

Later in the show Harmonie and Rec were joined by the Futuristik Boys, a young up and coming hip-hop duo out of Lawrence, Ma. The group showcased their latest single Melancholy Mode for the first time on radio airwaves. During the interview the Futuristik Boys talked about some of the challenges they faced transitioning from being two solo artists to working together as a duo. They also spoke about some of their recent performances including their scheduled performance Sunday June, 17th at Centro Night Club in Lawrence Ma, opening up for Recording artists 2 Chains.

Towards the end of the show Rec and Harmonie were joined in the studio by longtime dream team member and founder of Jointed Creativity Jose Cotto. In addition to his good vibes, Jose brought the latest update to The Sneakers for Success Sole Connections Event taking place June 28th, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, NY.

On this episode Rec and Harmonie, a new addition to TRGGRadio, interview two Hip-Hop artists from Lawrence, Massachusetts about how the history of the former mill town impacts their approach to music. TRGGR Co-host Bro Chris returned from a two-month hiatus to discuss the growing momentum against the Ethnic Studies ban in Tucson, Arizona. And Holyoke, Massachusetts-based roots/soul artist, Toussaint the Liberator, just returning from the Hip-Hop 4 Pine Ridge solidarity tour to South Dakota, also joined us in studio. We discuss the impact and meaning of the tour and future plans for increasing solidarity with indigenous communities and activists around the country. Be sure to peep the soulful live joint Toussaint blessed us with at the close of the interview. This is an episode you do not want to miss!
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