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On this episode (in two parts) we celebrate the life of Malcolm X (El Hajj Malik El Shabazz). In the wake of the controversy surrounding the recent publication of Malcolm X: A Life of Reinvention by the late Dr. Manning Marable, we thought it would be good to once again turn to Malcolm’s own words and that of one of his close associates, Dr. John Henrik Clarke from a documentary on his life entitled “A Great and Mighty Walk.”

We hear clips of speeches Malcolm gave after his break with the Nation of Islam and excerpts from speeches he gave after his return from his hajj to Mecca. We hear commentary on the Marable retelling of Malcolm’s life by Dr. Jared Ball writing for Black Agenda Report. TRGGR co-host Rec called in from Springfield to give us a quick update on the Latino Youth Media fundraising initiative. And brother Bakari Ayinde called in from Detroit to lend his perspective on Malcolm’s life. We didn’t have time to discuss the National Conference on Media Reform, but you can hear the panel featuring Mariama White-Hammond, Rosa Clemente, Dr. Jared Ball and Chris Tinson here. Your feedback is welcomed. Leave comment here or email us at: Enjoy!

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