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TRGGR Tribute to Bro. Wade McDowell 1975-2012

Posted: December 3, 2012 by trggradio in Tribute, Wade McDowell

Wade w family

Peace, fam, on this episode we pay tribute to a dear brother of the western Massachusetts community, Wade McDowell, pictured above with his wife, Kim, and daughter, Kaley. Wade recently transcended at the young age of 37.  Numerous family and friends called the show to pay tribute and express their affection for Wade and the life he lived. Rest in Power, Brother Wade.

Brief bio provided by his Sister-in-Law, Millicent Jackson:

Wade McDowell Jr was born in Brooklyn, NY on May 6, 1975 and he was a special child.   He is the oldest child of Tony Wade McDowell and Janice McDowell and brother of Talib McDowell.  He is the beloved husband of his childhood love Kimberly Ali Jackson McDowell and devoted father to fifteen year old Kaley Aliyah McDowell.  He moved to Amherst, MA when he was two years of age and resided in Western Massachusetts (with a brief period of living in Atlanta, GA) until his untimely passing away.  He worked in the field of Corrections for over ten years and was loved and respected by many. His favorite team is the New York Giants and he never gave up his New York teams despite his love for Massachusetts. Wade thrived at playing basketball and loved football.