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VISIONS OF A LIBERATED FUTURE – A mini film festival
Four Films. One Day. Change your life.

Saturday, DECEMBER 3rd 2011 – 12noon – 7pm

The TRGGR Media Collective and Community Partnerships for Social Change present a film festival to spread awareness about several critical social movements and issues currently taking place in society. We hope that this event will create an environment that fosters dialogue and inspire social action. The selected films will engage a range of issues including police brutality, hip-hop as social activism, oppression through occupation of land, and Arizona high school students fighting for Ethnic Studies.

Scheduled Films

Puerto Rican American rapper Hamza Pérez ended his life as a drug dealer 12 years ago,
and started down a new path as a young Muslim. Now he’s moved to Pittsburgh’s tough North
Side to start a new religious community, rebuild his shattered family, and take his message of
faith to other young people through his uncompromising music as part of the hip-hop duo MTeam.
83 minutes.

‘Operation Small Axe’ takes a raw and unflinching look at life under police terrorism in
Oakland, California. Through the stories of Oscar Grant, Lovelle Mixon and P.O.C.C. Minister
of Information J.R. Valrey, the film focuses on the occupation of Oakland’s communities of color
and the diversity in resistance to the militarized police forces. 71 minutes.

Written and directed by Annemarie Jacir, “Salt of This Sea” features the trials faced by a
working-class in finding love and self-identity. Soraya, born in Brooklyn in a working class
community of Palestinian refugees, discovers that her grandfather’s savings were frozen in a
bank account in Jaffa when he was exiled in 1948. Direct, stubborn, and determined to reclaim
what is hers, she fulfills her life-long dream of “returning” to Palestine. Slowly she is taken apart
by the reality around her and is forced to confront her own anger. She meets Emad, a young
Palestinian whose ambition, contrary to hers, is to leave forever. Tired of the constraints that
dictate their lives, they know in order to be free, they must take things into their own hands.
109 minutes.

PRECIOUS KNOWLEDGE (2011) — Western Massachusetts Debut
Disenfranchised high school seniors become academic warriors and community leaders
in Tucson’s (Arizona) embattled Ethnic Studies classes while state lawmakers attempt to eliminate the
program. Directed by Ari Palos. Precious Knowledge is a co-production of Dos Vatos
Productions, the Independent Television Service (ITVS) and Arizona Public Media. 70 minutes.

‘Visions of a Liberated Future’ is sponsored by the TRGGR Media Collective, Community Partnerships for Social Change (CPSC), School of Critical Social Inquiry, ProphMC’s, Childhood, Youth and Learning (CYL), Dakin, Merrill, Enfield, and Greenwich Houses, and Council on Community Activities (COCA).

Free and open to the public. Seating on first come, first serve basis. Wheelchair accessible.