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Edward Said Mural SFSU

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aclu and felony disfranchisement
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TRGGR RADIO: Eight years strong at the intersection of hip-hop, radical education, and the anti-prison movement

photo: Edward Said Mural, San Francisco State University. credit: C. Tinson

TRGGR Radio: 1.11. 2013

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Happy New Year!

What would it look like to infuse the board game Monopoly with social justice economic principles? Well, our guests had the presence of mind, or the insanity as it were, to not only ask, but answer that very question. Their answer is the board game CO-OPOLY, which was featured a few months ago in the Valley Advocate. Joining us to talk about their game and the other exciting projects they’re working on are Andrew Stachiw and Brian Van Slyke. This and more on this new episode of the ONE & ONLY TRGGR RADIO!!!!!!

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TRGGR Radio 1.4.2013

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charles wilhite at court

In our first show of the new year, we return to coverage of Charles Wilhite’s case. He was recently granted a retrial that is currently underway. We are joined by Shelley Alcott and Dan Keefe, members of the Justice For Charles collective. Tune in to hear about the case, followed by delicious beats by host Chris Tinson as he tries to get his chops back after a long hiatus from the show. Enjoy!

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For additional coverage of Charles Wilhite’s retrial, go to: