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Sister Helen Prejean recently visited Hampshire College to give a talk on her life and work as an anti-death penalty activist. Prior to her lecture she sat down with Aurelis Troncoso and Tesh Pimentel, members of student organization, the Decolonize Media Collective, a group for which TRGGR co-founder Chris Tinson serves as faculty advisor.

In what Sister Helen called “the best radio interview she’s ever done,” Aurelis and Tesh ask about her background as an activist and public advocate for the oppressed and incarcerated, and get her thoughts on a range of issues including alarming rates of women’s imprisonment, the school-to-prison pipeline, education for empowerment, and the historical relationship between enslavement and the death penalty. Props to these up-and-coming media activists for their first interview!

About Sister Helen: Sister Helen Prejean is a death penalty activist, helping to shape the Catholic Church’s opposition to state executions. She is the author of Dead Man Walking, an account of her relationship with death row inmate Patrick Sonnier, which became an Academy Award-winning movie, an opera, and a play. Prejean divides her time between educating citizens about the death penalty and counseling individual death row prisoners. She also authored The Death of Innocents: An Eyewitness Account of Wrongful Executions, released by Random House in December of 2004, and is presently at work on another book.

About the DMC: The Decolonize Media Collective (DMC) is a student of color collective (and their allies) dedicated to promoting domestic and international social justice struggles through media. We view media as a critical site of struggle over issues of race, identity, class, gender and power.

Event date: September 20, 2012
Location: Hampshire College Media Basement

Run time: 25:31